Friday, December 21, 2012

Kristen Stewart Inspired By Miley Cyrus While Filming ‘On The Road’

Kristen was doing her best to channel the Beat Generation and it turns out she had a little help from Miley — read on to find out what she did!

Kristen Stewart is just like every other 22-year-old her age, she loves Miley Cyrus. Kristen’s On The Road co-star Sam Riley exposed a little secret about her, and you’ll never believe what it is!
“I learned a lot about modern bands through the kids like Kristen and Tom and Garrett, who all listen,” he said. “My finger’s not on the pulse of what is popular these days. They all liked, I can’t even remember the names… Arcade Fire, they all like folksy stuff these days. Mumford and Sons. And Kristen, occasionally, a bit of Miley Cyrus, as well. And Garrett liked to play a lot of country as well. Whereas I was still listening to Elvis Costello and The Clash.”
Isn’t it awesome that she likes to listen to Miley?! We told you that Rob is in NYC on a business trip while Kristen stayed back in LA. Rob was spotted having dinner with friends on Dec. 20 and as everyone got up to smoke, he did not. We think it’s great that he’s really trying to quit.
We’re just waiting on pins and needles to see what these two do for Christmas. There are only two real options. Either they hang in LA or travel across the pond to see Rob’s parents. He’s such a mama’s boy that we bet he’ll go there.

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