Saturday, December 22, 2012

Miley Cyrus Mizz Interview (Full Interview)

Your new platinum-blonde crop has caused a sensation – did you expect it to get such a strong reaction?
“I knew there would be one, ’cause from the beginning of time, any woman considered hot has had long hair. And I think that is so off because if someone has the confidence to cut their hair, that automatically makes them more relatable because they’re not shy, they have a sense of who they are. Also, I feel like people can look at me and know me better and get a sense of who I am, rather than when I had my long hair. I didn’t represent who I was in any way. I wore it up in a bun all day because I didn’t know what else to do with it. And then it just looked like I didn’t care for myself or put time into what I wanted to look like.”
How did your fiance react?
“Liam [Hemsworth] has actually been the best, because you hear your whole life about how women are supposed to have long, glorious hair. And every movie you see where it’s the hot dream girl, she has long hair. Maybe it’s old Hollywood, maybe that’s it. But now it’s such a different look and so much better to see someone’s face. And it takes courage to do it. It’s not scary, but it’s definitely an adrenaline rush when they’re taking the scissors to the hair. It takes a long time to grow back. I think that’s the scary part – growing it out, not when you cut it. Mine may never come back!”
Are you focusing on your music at the moment?
“My next record is basically done – we’re just trying to figure out the single. I want my single to be what’s going to represent the whole record, rather than what’s gonna be a hit for two weeks. I really want it to be something I can be proud of.”
Tell us about the video you shot fo Decisions, your track with Borgore – it has you snogging Liam who’s dressed up as a unicorn!
“He didn’t want to just be in a video partying. So I said, ‘Wear a disguise! Be a unicorn and make out with me.’ It was very weird kissing a unicorn. My tongue was just going into a plastic unicorn [mask] all night! We didn’t have any extras, all the people in the club were our friends, and worked for beer and pizza and cake! It was like being at a party.”
Is it nice to have an international fan base?
“It is, because I feel like people in Europe know who I am and [that I'm] not the typical American, keeping everything bottled up. My favourite place to perform is London. I can be who I am and the fashion is more me. And the British understood the new hairstyle before anyone else!”
What was the first album that you bought, and who were your idols as a little ‘un?
“I went and got the two most random CDs. The first time I went, I went with my older sister and older brother. I got Britney Spears with my older sister, ’cause that was cool for her. And I was so excited [when I went with my brother], to get a Blink 182 record with a Parental Advisory sticker. I thought I was so badass going to school with my explicit record – ha!”
Is it fair to say you knew from a young age that you marched to your own tune?
“Yeah, my mom says she would hear me talking to myself in my room. And I wasn’t talking to myself, I was writing songs. But she’d think I was being a creep! But I was writing poetry or something. I knew I was different.”
What’s the most ridiculous thing you’ve heard about yourself?
“I die every week! I wake up and my mom is like, “I’m so sick of this!” It really freaks my mom out when people text her and don’t put in context what they read. They’ll just say, “Is Miley OK? We read blah blah blah…” And then she’s a nervous wreck. When I was 15, I must’ve been pregnant eight times. I should have 27 children right now from every story that’s been out there. I’m either pregnant or dead every week or else I’m breaking up with my boyfriend, which is so weird.”
Do you have a guilty pleasure?
“Candy! And I just started watching all these health food documentaries so I’m trying to wean myself off it. There’s now a Kit Kat and Reese’s [peanut butter sweet] mix that’s so bad for you and I can’t stop eating them. Liam has a really bad sweet tooth too, so that doesn’t help.”
What’s the strangest bit of mail you’ve ever received?
“I got this really weird message the other day. It was delivered to my house. I get really excited when I get mail, so I ran down, shouting, ‘I got mail!’ And it was someone that I didn’t know that just sent me photos of myself, saying, ‘We thought you looked really good in these photos, thought you might want them.’ They didn’t want me to sign them or anything, they just wanted to give me photos of myself. I was like, ‘I have plenty!’ It was the weirdest thing. And then they sent me a photo of my own dog and said, ‘Doesn’t this just look like your dog, Ziggy?’ I know what my dog looks like! So strange.’
Did shootin So Undercover, about a young private detective who goes to live in a sorority house, leave you with any regrets that you didn’t go to ollege?
“I’m definitely happy I was never in a sorority, because that was a lot of energy and a lot of girls. Because the girls in the movie are real sorority girls. So this was legit crazy New Orleans sorority girl time! It was actually so fun, ’cause even though I was in it, I didn’t have to live in it, as I got to go back to my room and do my thing. That’s what I couldn’t handle, not having my own space, ’cause everyone bunks together. The hanging out and sense of family, though? I wish I’d had that. Or a girl roommate, but I don’t think it would’ve ended well. I’d be throwing things!”
You effectively play two characters – the detective, Molly, and Brook, the sorority girl she becomes for her undercover job. Which of them did you identify with more?
“Definitely Molly, ’cause how she was reacted was how I felt about sororities before I started doing the film. I thought it was a bunch of girls running around giggling, and it sounded like a nightmare. But I discovered how intelligent these girls really are. And they bond they have. We asked them what was their least favourite thing about sorority movies and they said, “We’re not stupid, we’re all in college!” So we tried to show the heart of the relationship with the girls.”


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