Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Miley Cyrus Talks Godmother Dolly Parton

Miley Cyrus Talks Dolly Parton in her Song by Song: Dolly Parton interview

Ovation is launching their original series Song by Song -- featuring exclusive interviews by the artists themselves on the inspiration and impact of six of their most popular songs -- and in this exclusive clip, Miley Cyrus talks about what makes her godmother Dolly Parton so special.
"The things people say about you that are negative are usually so ignorant that when she comes back with something that's funny, but it's also intelligent, it just shuts them down and nobody can ever say anything about her because she always can one-up them with something sweet," Miley says about Dolly. "... And not hurt anyone's feelings but say it like it is."

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