Saturday, March 9, 2013

Miley Cyrus' 'Twisted' Cameo A 'Huge' Deal For Tiffany Foxx

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Miley Cyrus' crew gets more and more hip-hop by the day. When rap veteran Lil' Kim came by "RapFix Live" this week to introduce her protégé Tiffany Foxx, the two MCs were happy to discuss their lovefest with the pop starlet.
"We had a huge surprise guest," Foxx said, grinning from ear to ear as she talked about Miley making a cameo in her "Twisted" video. Kim told host Sway that Foxx is a huge Miley fan, and she knew the young femcee would be shocked by the former "Hannah Montana" star's appears.
Cyrus has been following Lil' Kim on Twitter for a while and expressed her unabashed love for the Queen Bee. So Tiffany said, by extension, Miley loves her too.
"Miley follows and loves Kim," Foxx said. "She love anything Kim do, so she love me too. But it's cool."
Shortly after the video shoot in early February, Tiffany talked about becoming fast friends with Miley.
"It's crazy, because she's so cool. She is so cool," Foxx said. "It felt like I have been knowing her all my life. She's real sweet. She's down-to-earth. She doesn't take herself seriously. She came [in] like, 'What's up? Where is my cameo? I made up a dance for it!' Like, she was so cool."
Cyrus has been making headlines all week, after she was spotted around town without her engagement ring and took a break from social media. But on Friday (March 8), the buzz was all about the official "Twisted" video in which Miley rocks out in her shades and skully with Foxx and Kim.

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